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A “tort” is a negligent act that causes injury, and there are occasions when a product injures so many people that it is called a “mass tort.” Mass tort cases usually involve drugs, but can relate to other products, such as Chinese Drywall, or practices, such as water pollution. A unique skill set is required to be successful in the mass tort arena; manpower, experience, and access to experts are a must.

Baria Law can leverage powerful assets against the mammoth companies responsible for the numerous injuries caused by their products or practices. If you believe you have suffered an injury to a defective product or practice, call David Baria.

Commonly Litigated Mass Torts

Financial Fraud

Dangerous Drugs

Defective Medical Devices

Toxic Pollution

If your business is under fire, you may benefit from a mass torts attorney in Bay St. Louis, MS. With over 30 years of experience David Baria knows how to defend you and pursue a favorable outcome. As a trusted Bay St. Louis mass injury lawyer, he will do what he can to protect your business’s future.

David Baria Successfully Navigates
the Mass Tort Process

As a trusted mass torts lawyer in Bay St. Louis, David Baria works diligently to assist his clients. If your product has allegedly injured multiple people, he’s the Mississippi mass tort litigation attorney you want on your side. To book a consultation with a qualified mass torts attorney in Bay St. Louis, MS, call (228) 242-4986.

Baria Law has litigated mass tort cases for 20+ years. We’re the ally you need.