Mass Tort Litigation in Mississippi

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A “tort” is a negligent act that causes injury, and there are occasions when a product injures so many people that it is called a “mass tort.” Mass tort cases usually involve drugs, but can relate to other products, such as Chinese Drywall, or practices, such as water pollution. A unique skill set is required to be successful in the mass tort arena; manpower, experience, and access to experts are a must.

Baria Law can leverage powerful assets against the mammoth companies responsible for the numerous injuries caused by their products or practices. If you believe you have suffered an injury to a defective product or practice, call David Baria.

Commonly Litigated Mass Torts

Financial Fraud

Dangerous Drugs

Defective Medical Devices

Toxic Pollution

Baria Law has litigated mass tort cases for 20+ years. We’re the ally you need.